A NEW LEVEL OF CONTROL PERFORMANCE FOR INBOARD, OUTBOARD OR STERN-DRIVE ENGINES TELEFLEX SEASTAR KE4+ ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM is the perfect answer to smooth and easy shift and throttle control suitable for most applications. Modern styling, single to quad engine capability. Designed specifically to meet the performance, reliability endurance and aesthetic requirements of today’s modern boats.

Available with or without Trim & Tilt options.


KE-hand-control• Designed for new installation or retrofit
• A new level of control performance for inboard, outboard or
• Stern-drive engines; gas or diesel, 12V/24VDC common mode
• Up to 4 stations + 1 handheld
• Various color / finish control head options
• Neutral warm up function
• Complete self diagnostic system
• Adjustable shift / throttle settings
• Start in gear protection
• Single to quad engine capability


• Idle control
• Audible alarm
• O/B style levers/ trim control
• Trolling outputs
• Display dimmer
• Handheld control
• System settings tool
• Integrated sync function
• Mechanical backup

A Mechanical Backup option is available – Details on request. (i)    Bus harness Length available from 2.00m upwards (in 2m increments).   (ii)   33c or TFXtreme 33c Cables available from 3ft in 1 ft increments

The Control Unit  has a 2.00m connection cable to the Actuator.

Positioning of the Actuator/s will determine the 33c Cable lengths between the Actuator/s and the engine/s

Throttle and Gear connections .

Price Guide:

Single Engine, Single Station From £2848 + V.A.T.

Single Engine, Twin Station From £3484 + V.A.T.

Twin Engine, Single Station £5302 + V.A.T.

Twin Engine, Dual Station £6184 + V.A.T.

Prices will increase slightly depending on Bus harness and Supply harness lengths. 

Price does not include 33c or TFXtreme cables or Circuit breakers.

Exact Price on application          

Information required for us to give you accurate quotation

A drawing of your installation showing:

1    Position of Engine Control Lever/s.  Relative to Control unit/s and Control lever to Control lever for Dual Station

2    Position of Actuator/s (must be within 2m of Control unit/s)

3    Distance from Actuator/s to throttle and gear lever for 33c or TFXtreme cable lengths from 3ft in 1ft increments