110 Litre Vetus Rigid Water Tank.       £113.33+VAT  20% off the RRP!

Made from high-grade, food quality linear polythene, which is both taste-free and odourless. The construction of the Vetus boat tank is seamless and therefore, can never leak. The water level can be seen from outside for easy checking and the tank is easily cleaned through the inspection lid. A connection kit should be ordered separately for each tank, together with additional inspection lids if required.

Tank Connection Kit        £42.66+VAT    20% off the RRP!

Includes everything from the “inspection kit”, Plus hose and tube connections.
Inspection lid
Right angle connection RT38B for filling hose, Dia: 38 mm
(2) Right angle connection RT16B to water pump, Dia: 16 mm
(3) Right angle connection RT16B for ventilation, Dia: 16 mm
(4) Two mounting straps
(5) T-joint, for interconnection,Dia: 16 mm

For bright, clean, fresh tasting drinking water. Removes tastes and odour including chlorine. Easy cartridge replacement after a seasons use. Internal valves – no need to isolate or drain system when replacing cartridge. Packaged Dimensions: L:10.00 x H:24.00 x W:14.00cm. Actual Weight: 0.41 Kg Sold individually.